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 Into The Maw Campaign

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PostSubject: Into The Maw Campaign   Into The Maw Campaign I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 17, 2011 4:44 am

Into The Maw Campaign 4676895121_8885b96c21

Young Rogue Trader, your ambitions call you and your crew to the void in search of its treasures. Before you have started your journey, you hear of the legendary treasure ship, the Righteous Path. Its legend begins over 2500 years ago during the Angevin Crusade. This crusade had the forces of the Imperium push its borders across space to what we call now, the Calixis sector. Lorcanus Ryn, a warlord and free-captain fighting under the Imperium's flag cut a bloody path through hundreds of worlds pillaging and raiding with him at the helm of his void-ship, The Righteous Path.

One of these worlds was Krystalian. This was the 73rd world brought to the light of the Emperor by the crusade. Stories say this world was once before an Imperial colony that had fallen to the heresies of Chaos. Heretic prophets called the Talisar brought Krystallian to a state of immense wealth and blasphemous grandeur. Lorcanus Ryn brought the wrath of the Emperor upon Krystallian and destroyed thousands of years of culture to ruin in a mere 3 days. The spoils were beyond Lorcanus' imaginations as he marveled at the riches of rare artefacts, glittering jewels, and forgotten vaults of rare and forbidden archeotech.

Lorcanus did not trust the rest of the crusade to claim these riches. Thus, he filled the Righteous Path to the brim with the riches of Krystallian. He ripped out gun decks, tore launch bays from their places, and marooned thousands of crew men. Anything to make room for more plunder. The warlord Lorcanus then disappeared into the warp and thus ended his existence, only to be remembered in the pages of history along with the legend of the treasures inside the Righteous Fury.

This will be the Only War Forum's first campaign which is the introductory campaign featured in the Rogue Trader Core Rule Book. This'll be my first time GMing but I have a decent idea of how to be a good GM so hopefully we'll have a good time!

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Into The Maw Campaign
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